Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Candy-gram: Gone eatin'

I'm off to the Philippines, and will be gone from June 8 to 20. Whether or not I end up posting on my eating adventures there will depend on how often I'm able to access the internet, and how packed my schedule is.

On my list of things to try are taho, ice desserts from Ice Monster and Jollibee, espasol, saba con hielo (see above for a photo), masareal, dodol, kalamay, bukayo (see left), and Lety's ube and buko pandan pies.

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get to eat at a five-star hotel buffet -- in the Philippines, they trend toward featuring tons of "multi-cuisine open cooking stations", where you can see many delicious items made in front of you, including mouth-watering, made-to-order crêpes (which I tearfully had no space left in my stomach to try).

The buffet I went to two years ago at the Spiral Restaurant at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza (Pasay City, Metro Manila; see here for a menu) was one of the best buffets I've ever tried -- the photos this blogger took don't even begin to capture its vastness.

Below are two of her pics of some of their dessert stations (they had like six or seven devoted to desserts, which included six kinds of ice cream, a halo halo station, about ten kinds of whole French cakes, a bunch of individual cakes and mousses, four kinds of crêpes, three kinds of crème brûlée, fresh fruit, white and milk chocolate fondue fountains, and more!).

This is also a great post about the buffet. At P1950.46 - 2196.11 (depending on the day) per adult, it works out to be $48.76 to $54.90 CDN for dinner. If you're ever in the Philippines for even just a day -- which was exactly how much time I had the last time I was there :( -- I recommend eating there, unless you're on a diet... in that case, stay far, far away! :P

Anyways, if I don't end up posting anything while I'm at the Philippines, I'll be blogging in spirit, like I do at every place I visit.

Check out the caricature I had done a few weeks ago, below. It doesn't look a thing like me -- especially now that I've had a good chunk of my hair lopped off -- and I'm not one to go "Mmmmm" over a boring ham, but that's me, alright -- always ready to talk about food! :)

Let me know if there's anything else you think I should try!


  1. Hey Cathy,

    Are you back to food-blogging yet? I have something interesting for you to look into if you're not too busy. I was reading a celebrity magazine and there was an article about the Kardashians. The mom mentioned that she likes this Armenian breakfast called 'beeshe'. I was interested in what it looked like and so searched it in Google Image but nothing food-related came up! They probably didn't know how the word is spelled either, so I'm wondering if you could find out what that is. Thanks :)


    P.S. Too bad you missed the wedding. It was pretty fun.

  2. more info here:

  3. Hey Tiff,

    I'm ever-so-slowly getting back into blogging. I'm going camping this weekend, but will try to find out something about that Armenian breakfast when I get back.

    I'm super-disappointed that I missed your wedding -- I'm so sorry! I've been avidly tracking all the photos on Facebook. If you have any videos or photos, let me know if you have a way for me to see them. You looked gorgeous, and I heard the food was amazing too. :)

  4. I do have WAY more photos but the good ones are already posted. One of my dad's friend was the videographer and he gave me a CD which I haven't even looked at yet, lol. Yeah I liked the food. I heard people liked the prime rib. I had the vegetarian eggplant dish which was quite nice and light too. And the cake was buttercream rather than fondant (we went for taste more than look)